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The Beginning

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Welcome to the beginning of it all! started before my run for office back in 2016. I believe that political commentating needs a new perspective from someone whose from the community. The goal for Politics Tech Gaming tv is to become a full fledged media company that encompasses all aspects of entertainment. is a channel dedicated to technology, gaming and politics and how they’re all intertwined together. Games that are created with the most immersive stories and content are built around political things taking place in the game be it a King going rouge or someone manipulating the person in power in order to carry out their own personal plans or wishes those things create the best stories to sink gamers in. The technology piece is what captivates us all be it that what’s in science fiction or what’s being created for tomorrow because if gives us the ideas of hope of what it could be and the potential behind that technology be it quantum computing or super highspeed internet. Politics is a major part of our society even when people tell you they don’t do politics they fail to realize that we all involve ourselves in politics be it something that actually involves elected officials or just that of their own everyday lives from HOA’s or personal feelings towards one another. So who am I? I am Antonio Hicks, but my online name is “EscapingTheMatrix”. The name came about from my belief of us being trapped in a system that mandates certain things be done in order to feed into the major machine of the system itself which is societal norms and as we see during the Covid Pandemic when those cogs stop working the system literally crashes. I found on the campaign trail, yes I ran for office and plan to run again, and from listening to other podcasts, this is one aspect of content that’s missing.

On the show we’ll have interviews from candidates in the session “Real Talk with Today’s Candidates”, we’ll talking with scientist, engineers, gamers and have discussion about what’s up and coming. I love all aspects of these topics because they can lead you down a rabbit hole of information which is a good thing because knowledge is power and the more you know the less likely you’ll fall for scams or become manipulated. One key thing that will be talked about a lot is security. My background and education is in IT security and it plays a key part amongst all of these because you have hacktivist and those who break code in order to cheat in games but in doing so they also come up with new ways of fixing problems that most developers didn’t catch thus improving the tech that goes into them. Talking about hacking I’ll break down how it has become a curse word these days when it’s really just reverse engineering to understand how things work but yes you can have an evil side to it.

So welcome to let’s jump in and have some fun with some of the most talked about topics today and going forward. You can also catch me “EscapingTheMatrix” streaming on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10pm at so come watch me grind through some games and have personal convo. We’ll always end each episode out with something positive because I believe no matter what you take in you’ll always need good water to wash all the bad stuff out. That being said “though tomorrow may not be promised let’s live everyday like the sun, ready to rise up and shine bright no matter the circumstance and even when there are clouds present when you rise above them you’ll see the light is already there pouring down ready to comfort you after you’ve made it through.”

Stay safe and welcome!

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