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Antonio Hicks

Take Your Three L's

Live, Love, Laugh

Antonio Hicks is a network security engineer by trade, in addition to being a long-time gamer, an avid follower of politics and former GA Congressional Candidate, a tech enthusiast, and a streamer, who has traveled worldwide teaching diverse platforms. was started due to learning from canvassing and volunteering how little people knew about policies and how it affected them. I took what I've been doing in corporate America teaching cyber security across the world and managing a team having to teach them about new technology in a way they could grasp to forming a podcast that would do the same for everyone, especially under represented communities.


My passion is breaking down highly complicated concepts and watching others get their “aha moment,” the main ingredient of PTGtv. Once they understand they can teach someone else "Each one teaches one". is a channel dedicated to politics, technology, and gaming. Where we entertain and teach you at the same time. You can find a new episode posted weekly.

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