Antonio Hicks



Take Your Three L's

Live, Love, Laugh

Antonio Hicks is a network security engineer by trade, in addition to a long-time gamer, an avid follower of politics, tech enthusiast, and streamer, who has traveled worldwide teaching diverse platforms. His passion is breaking down the highly complicated concepts and watching others get their “aha moment,” the main ingredient of PTGtv.


PTG.tv is a channel dedicated to politics, technology, and gaming.  Where we entertain and teach you at the same time.

Tamika Day

Success Is My Super Power

Tamika Day is a successful entrepreneur and educator. She has dedicated her career to promoting excellence in business and mentoring stylists/barbers to succeed in the beauty industry.  
Her business takes pride in motivating and inspiring others to excel beyond the chair. Tamika's passion for education has guided her career in the industry as a highly sought-after industry expert in the world of beauty and business consultant.


Tamika's goal is to enhance and empower professionals to excel in business, life skills, and career strengths.


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